12. AUSTRALIA: Rainbow Orbit – Used To Touch You

“Used to Touch You”
Performed by: Rainbow Orbit
Music by: P McNulty
Lyrics by: P McNulty

Australia’s first HCSC entrant returns for a second year. No less melancholy, but with more of a beat.

In his own words:
This year’s subject is someone that I met 13 years ago, while still in a relationship with the subject of the 2018 song (Pathogen). The timing was wrong but the passion was not. However, for obvious reasons, it was a non starter.

We are still friends.

But what if things had been different? Is it only me who wonders…

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We kiss hello, we hug goodbye
Like any good friends do
We laugh we ask about our lives
You’re smiling at me as you close the bedroom door
And I stand willing it to open up once more

Recall a time, when you were mine
Lying on the floor
Glimmer of passion in your eyes
It was circumstances then, we didn’t say goodbye
Does it matter now to you?
Do you remember how I used to touch you?

I saw him come I saw your smile
Hated what he was to you
How could this one get in the way?
Do you never get the sudden jolt of electricity
Ascending up your spine?
Do you remember how I used to touch you?

Do you remember how I used to touch you?