19. CYPRUS: Kalomoira Kastropoulou – Meltemi

Performed by: Kalomoira Kastropoulou
Music by: Konstantinos Papoutsis
Lyrics by: Konstantinos Papoutsis

Konstantinos Papoutsis, with several entries in the last editions of HCSC, brings us Meltemi, which is a dry north-westerly wind that blows during the summer in the eastern Mediterranean.

In his own words:
The “Meltemi”, which is a wind of Eastern Mediterranean, will take us from Greece all the way to Cyprus and Israel as well as Egypt, accompanying us with the sounds of Santouri and Accordeon.

I would like to thank all musicians who worked to complete this song, I still wish good luck to all participants.

With love
Konstantinos Papoutsis

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Εμείς, άγγελε μου, ζευγάρι φτερά,
Στου ανέμου την ράχη θα πάμε πολύ μακριά.
Μαζί και όπου μας βγάλει το μελτέμι του έρωτα.

Μαζί στην ζωή και στον θάνατο,
Μαζί στην κόλαση και στον παράδεισο
Και σ’ ότι η ζωή θα μας φέρει, εμείς μία ψυχή.
Στα εμπόδια δεν σταματάμε,
Εμείς τα δύσκολα τα προσπερνάμε.
Από την αυγή ως την δύση,
Μαζί για πάντα μαζί.

Εμείς, ουρανέ μου, ζευγάρι πουλιά,
Στον κόσμο πετάμε θα πάμε και πιο ψηλά.
Τ’ αστέρια μας φτιάχνουν αγάπης φωλιά.

We, my angel, are a pair of wings
On the wind’s back, we will be going far away
Together and wherever it takes us the Meltemi of love.

Together in life and death
Together in hell and heaven
And whatever life brings us, we will be a united soul
We do not stop in hurdles
We skip difficulties
From dusk till dawn
Together forever

We, my heaven, are a pair of birds
We fly into the world, we will go ever higher
The stars build for us a nest of love.