2. GREECE I: Anna Maria Messari – Arnoumai

“Arnoumai” (Denial)
Performed by: Anna Maria Messari
Music by: Thanos Chasiotis
Lyrics by: Thanos Chasiotis and Vasilis Poulimenakos

Thanos Chasiotis has been composing songs since 2001 and he has taken part in the competition in the past with Calliope.

In his own words:
The song that I’m sending this year is a ballad talking about Crisis in Greece. I’ve written the music, and the lyrics were made together with my friend Vasilis Poulimenakos. In the guitars Calliope was a big help! The song is called “Αρνούμαι” which means “I’m in denial” and is performed by a young talented Greek lady named Anna Maria Messari … hope you like it!

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Μία κραυγή Θεέ μου…μία κραυγή το σώμα μου..
και γω τυφλή.. αρνούμαι να αντικρίσω..
κι αυτοί, καρδιά μου, ..ψυχή αετό ..
της λευτεριάς το θυμικό ..
ζητάν να φυλακίσω..

Δώσμου δυο λέξεις να κρυφτώ..
κι ανθρωπους να ελπίσω..
Δώσμου τη δύναμη να πω..
ζωή σε θελω πίσω..

One Cry ..my Lord …my body is shaken… one cry but I ‘ m blind and
confused…..I’m in denial and don’t wanna see the fear and the pain caused by my
own people…
On the other hand … other people… can’t realize that my heart and spirit are free…
and they tell me to imprison my feelings…

Give me just two words.., so I can hide… and find people whom I can count to…
Give me the strength to claim my life back… convince everybody that I can make it
in the end…