2018 Entries

These are the 18 entries for the 2018 Home Composed Song Contest!

To see the profile page for each song – including photos and lyrics – simply click the song titles below or select them from the “2018 Entries” drop-down menu above.

1. SWEDEN I: Martin Kahnberg – Quiet
2. PORTUGAL I: Heitor – Vermelha
3. UNITED KINGDOM I: Andrew Boyes – Missing You
4. SWEDEN II: Ben Robertson – Schrödinger’s Life
5. GERMANY I: Jan Wehner – Nina
6. GERMANY II: Korjun – You
7. SPAIN I: Lobo – Gentil
8. FINLAND I: AB – I Only Need This Weekend
9. GREECE: Konstantinos Papoutsis – Physis
10. GERMANY III: Rebecca (Stefan Engel) – Bis zum Mond
11. UNITED KINGDOM II: Cellphone (Jim Brook) – Just Wasn’t Meant To Be
12. AUSTRALIA: Rainbow Orbit (Phil McNulty) – Pathogen
13. PORTUGAL II: Micaela Abreu (Rogério Afonso) – Direito à vida
14. FINLAND II: Snowclone (Tero Aalto) – I Want You (Out Of My Life)
15. GERMANY IV: Úna (Howard Atkinson) – I Don’t Really Care
16. UNITED KINGDOM III: Vulnerable (Martin Faulkner) – Leviathan
17. UNITED KINGDOM IV: londonvision (Andy Brook) – Westport Beach
18. SPAIN II: Alfonso Daniel – Just One Word

You can stream or download each song on its respective page.

Alternatively, you can also download a ZIP file containing all 18 mp3s from this link (right-click and save).