12. AUSTRALIA: Rainbow Orbit – Pathogen

Performed by: Rainbow Orbit
Music by: Phil McNulty
Lyrics by: Phil McNulty

HCSC is open to all countries that participate in the Eurovision Song Contest – so it’s a sign of the times that our only debutant country this year is Australia. Welcome and “g’day” to Phil McNulty!

In his own words:
I’m Phil. Most of the time. Rainbow Orbit when I am recording.

I didn’t speak as a teen. Occasionally, I sang. But mostly I remained silent.

After several dark, hopeless years, I realised that I had something to say. So I wrote it down. For many years, I really just wrote it for myself.

Back in 2015, I finally realised that nothing could be lost by putting it “out there”. I entered a song in the UK selection. I have since attempted to make it through to Euro-selection with 6 tracks. Obviously I didn’t succeed.

However, my music was heard. And that’s what it’s about.

That brings us to here… hope you enjoy the journey with me.

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My fingers follow the trajectory
the chasm left a reminder
Once was flowing crimson
and you stood there smirking

The others appear invisible
under regular conditions
Until someone trips into oblivion
and rips the scars back open

And it’s not their fault
And it’s not their fault
You’re like a pathogen
and you manage to infect ad infinitum

I’ve managed to stop thinking about you
Until another innocent shows me your face
And I refuse to hate you, cos you don’t possess that power
But I hate myself cos I never learn to heal

Resiliance is only illusion
Waves and wind will always win
My control lost in oncoming headlights
And you sat there shouting

Most days are like a gentle breeze
I can forget how you made me crazy
Full moons and special days collapsed
As I wail behind the steering wheel

And it’s not their fault
And it’s not their fault
You’re like a pathogen
And you’d celebrate your handiwork