18. SPAIN II: Alfonso Daniel – Just One Word

“Just One Word”
Performed by: Alfonso Daniel
Music by: Alfonso Daniel
Lyrics by: Alfonso Daniel

Our second Spanish entrant this year is Alfonso Daniel, who also has the honour of closing the running order. Good luck!

In his own words:
Since 2011, I have not missed any year at HCSC and, like three years ago, I’ll try in 2018 with a song for piano, voice and some string arrangements. My best result in the main category was third, last year, with the instrumental song “Halley”, although in 2016 I had achieved the first position in the category “Instrumental of the Year” with the song “Romanza de Sakura”.

“Just One Word” is the tenth song with which I participate in HCSC since the first time I competed. We have all fallen in love with the wrong person and this song is about that strange mixture of love, rejection and uncertainty.

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Just one word:
That word that makes me strong enough
to tell you the truth
but keeping you here.
Cause I don’t want,
no, I don’t want to kill the tender way you look at me
and all the good things
(that) you think about me.
How could I fall in love with you?
Loving beyond my possibilities,
my heart believes it’s destiny.
Loving beyond my rules and liberty,
my reason says that I’m not free.
No, no, no… I’m not free.

Where’s that word?
That word that breaks the awkward silence between you and me,
how it’s meant to be.
Why can’t I disengage from you?
Loving beyond my possibilities,
my whole life in hesitancy.
Loving beyond my faith and harmony.
It all depends on just one word.
Just one word.
Just one word.
Just one word to say:
“I love you”.