5. GERMANY I: Jan Wehner – Nina

Performed by: Jan Wehner
Music by: Jan Wehner
Lyrics by: Jan Wehner

Jan from Germany made his debut in the competition in 2013 and has taken part every year since. Good luck in HCSC 2018!

In his own words:
My name is Jan Wehner, I am 23 years old and I’m presenting my sixth HCSC entry – and my first one in Portuguese language.

I am a student of the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz having my home close to this city. But this year I am participating as an “inhabitant” of Portugal as I attend the University of Porto for one semester taking part in the ERASMUS programme. Of course I represent Germany once again but I think it’s a great occasion to try it in Portuguese. Of course Eurovision is one of the reasons, why I chose Portugal. It all started with the ESC performance of Filipa Azevedo in 2010 which I loved very much back then and I still like it.

This entry may appear as a love song and it is one more or less but it should rather be considered as a song about admiration, jealousy and the try to concentrate on oneself instead of trying to reach one can’t have.

“Nina” is a really existing person but not in my personal environment. The inspiration behind the song is Nina Abdel Malak, my favourite singer, a Lebanese singer rather known in Arabic countries but with a heavenly voice.

Anytime I hear people like her (not only her, but Eurovision contestants, too), I wish that I could be as talented as they are. And so maybe other people do when they see a performance in the Eurovision. But in the end we have to be happy with what we do have and should not feel anger and jealousy for people with talents such as vocal ability – this jealousy is in countries such as Germany widely spreaded. This is the message of this song.

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Vejo os teus passos na areia
em frente do pôr-do-sol na praia
Vejo os contornos da tua dança
assim como a minha esperança:
Se tu saíres da minha cabeça
poderá haver uma mudança

Chega! Agora eu tenho de refletir
porque a minha voz interior quer resistir
contra ti, o anjo mais lindo do mundo?
Um anjo que só vive amando e dançando
Enlouqueço da tua fragrância e beleza
Tenho de aceitar a tua existência na minha vida

Nina, menina!
Nina, menina!
Nina, menina!
Nina, menina!
Canta, menina!
Dança, menina!
Voa, menina!
Nina, menina!

Tu es um fenômeno, tu es uma visão
Não realidade, mas imaginação
Embora que tu não sejas aqui
posso cheirar a fragrância de ti

Embora que tu sejas longo daqui
eu posso sentir o amor de ti
Tu não vives sem qualquer valor
Tu es alguém melhor

Nina, desapareçe por favor!
Nina, fica comigo por favor!
Eu tenho de deixar de sonhar
Mas eu não posso deixar de ti admirar

Eu não estou capaz de decidir:
Deveria ficar ou deveria fugir?
Mas afinal é melhor que eu decida
a favor de ti para deixar o amor ganhar!

I see your footsteps in the sand
in front of the sunset at the beach
I see the outlines of your dance
as well as my hope:
If you get out of my head
there may be a change

Enough! Now I need to think about
why does my inner voice want to resist
against you, the world’s most beautiful angel?
An angel that just lives loving and dancing.
I go crazy of your smell and beauty
I have to accept your existence in my life

Nina, girl!
Nina, girl!
Nina, girl!
Nina, girl!
Sing, girl!
Dance, girl!
Fly, girl!
Nina, girl!

You are a phenomenon, you are a vision
Not reality, but imagination
Though you are not here
I can smell the pleasant smell of you

Though you are far away from here
I can feel the love of you
You don’t live without any value
you are someone better

Nina, please get lost!
Nina, please stay with me!
I need to stop dreaming
But I can’t stop admiring you

I am not able to decide
Shall I stay or shall I flee?
But it in the end it’s better that I decide
in favour of you in order to let the love win!