6. GERMANY II: Korjun – You

Performed by: Korjun
Music by: Korjun
Lyrics by: Korjun

Having debuted in the one-off “Instrumental of the Year” category in the 2016 edition, Jun is back in 2018 – this time with vocals. Welcome!

In his own words:
I am Jun, a pop/rock pianist from South Korea, living in Germany since 2003. I play songs on the piano by ear and try to transpose the power and emotion of songs on the piano. Especially I love to play the songs from Eurovision Song Contest on the piano. You can also find me on Youtube 🙂

For some years one of my biggest hobby is to compose. I usually compose instrumental songs and joined already once HCSC in 2016. This year I would like to send a love song, “You”, to HCSC 2018 and I dared to sing.

I hope you will like my song and wish you a great day!

Download mp3

Do you remember the darkening place?
The memories, where I felt so blue
Then you came through, I can’t forget this view
Because you were staring at me

The moment that you made me to see
into your eyes and into your mind
And for the first time, I felt in my heart
Falling in love

You are the one I see
You are the one I need
Like breathing the air
I can’t live without you
You are the one I love

Sometimes I am asking to myself
What if we didn’t knew so many years before?
I can’t imagine, because you’re the home I was searching for

Whenever you need
I’ll be there always for you
Wherever you are
I will stand by your side
Why don’t you know I am always waiting for you

You are the one I love
You are the one I dream