2) Bagel

Malta 2005

Original title: Angel


On my plate
Food is getting cold
I hear a voice
Call from the kitchen
Dinner time
But you’re not here
I must believe
That you will come soon

I’ll eat the bagel
In a single bite
I’ll eat the caviar
Wash it down with Sprite
I’ll eat the sunshine
In a cloudy stew
But I hunger most
For you

In my fryer
I looked for you
You seemed to be missing
I think of you
My mouth waters
You are so good
You are so sweet

I’ll eat the noodles
But without delight
I’ll eat the anchovies
With some Pepsi Lite
I’ll eat an Aussie
With his kangaroo
But I hunger most
For you

And as the time runs out
The temperature feels right
I will make you my…Turkey!

I’ll eat your drumstick
And your tender thigh
I’ll eat both of your wings
Stuffing by your side
You are a turkey
And you’re overdue
And one day, I’ll
Eat you

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