8) My Unbearable Scream

Netherlands 2005

Original title: My Impossible Dream


I ‘m gonna scream

You and me – a love affair gone wrong
You went behind my back
Can´t you see – I´m angry like King Kong
Prepare for my attack
… for you will suffer and scream…

I’ll raid your favourite chat
and drive your parrot mad
for tropic seeds – revenge is sweet
I´ll spray your Yucca red
put spiders in your bed
Make you hear…my unbearable scream

Now’s the time
To show my hate and pain
Meet a vindictive me
…for you have scattered my dream…

I’ll shred your favourite book
and give your linnen suit
to charity – revenge is sweet
I´ll scratch your old MG
put glue inside your jeans
Let you hear…my unbearable scream


Goodbye you big bad troll
It´s over, out you go
No need to plea, you´re history
Today I turned the tide
My future´s looking bright
For you fear…my unbearable scream


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