18) juliej

Slovenia 1997

Original title: Zbudi se


Let me tell you about a girl named Julie
Posts as juliej when, she’s on the MB,
What’s the j for? Maybe, I will never know
Won’t she tell me? Cos I really want to know

Maybe I can find out by off’ring her wine
I’ve heard she likes chocolates, I hope dark is fine?
Stole her suitcase, but there were no clues in there
At least I had fun, trying on her underwear

juliej, what’s it mean?
Please tell me-ee, I’m intrigued
I dedicate my entry
To the big “j” mystery

juliej, don’t be mean!
A rude peasant’s what you’re being!
I’ll keep asking, til you say
Just what you mean by the “j”

juliej, tell me quick
or I’ll hit you with a stick
Play Sakis repeatedly
Til it makes your ears bleed


You won’t tell me, I am really really sad
Oh well, fine then, bet that it is something crap!


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