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Song 7

Based on: Generacija '42 (Yug 74)

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Generacija 1642


Strange and sudden came the bomb that night
Night of terror, nineteen ninety-nine
Seemed that show will only bring us songs
Instead there came a war, big Svante at the door, and hate

We're the old ones, the partizans
The sad-old nostalgic fans
We want no playback,
No poison English,
No modern music,
And no ex-Yugoslavia!!!

Moja generacija iz 1642
All we want is boring shows
And big old-fashioned divas
Moja generacija iz 1642
All we want is orchestras
And ballads to throw up a-a-at

No new countries, no Baltic-fest
No Moscow, no Bucharest!
They brought us hatred,
And what was sacred
They took to Tallin, to Kiev
What's next? Yerevan?!?!

Moja generacija iz 1642
In our wet dreams Monaco
And Netherlands can make it
Moja generacija iz 1642
We're so sad we cannot tell
How pittyful we a-a-are