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Song 20

Based on: A Little Peace (Ger 82 English)

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A Song On Speed


Just like a virgin, I sit here and grin
Just like a Barbie, my hair in the wind
Just like at campfire, I pluck my guitar
They took this a bit too far.

I look like a schoolgirl,
but don´t get me wrong
I just wear this dress
for this silly chanson.

Off stage I´m a wild thing
I drink and I swear
and when I get out of here ...

A little kiff ´n´
A little sniffing
can bring some joy
in this world I live in.
A bit of dabbling
And mind expanding
To drown my sorrow
A little weed.

A little Sunshine
I see a wavecrest
to wash away all my little mare´s nests
A little dope´n´
A little spraying
To drown my sorrow
A little weed.

I sit on my barstool, am looking at you
I think I see pigs fly, and elephants too
I feel like I’m blazing and flying along
Just wishing the song was done.

A little kiff ´n´
A little sniffing
can bring some sense
to this life I´m living.
A bit of blowing
for mind extension
Like no tomorrow
A little weed.

A little Moonlight
I grow a big chest
to make me float on my sea of madness
A little pot ´n’
A little hoping
For my tomorrow
A little weed.

I see heathers on my sleeve
Kangaroos with golden teeth
I see rabits counting sheep
Sing with me my song on speed!