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Song 25

Based on: Show Me Your Love (Ukr 06)

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Look At My Bum


Hi doctor, me again!
I gained a kilogram
You see it in my thighs – this is really dire
Please use your magic knife – to take this fat away

Look at my bum
Tell me I’m not a pear
Look really hard
I’m not insane
Look at my bum
There’s really too much there
It’s full of lard
Chocolate’s to blame

Gaze at this huge behind
Looks like two moons combined
My bod can barely fit into my attire
Don’t tell me “go away” – my flab is here to stay

Look at my tum
Why is my life unfair?
Mark up my butt
Cut it in half
Look at my tum
I am in such despair
Being a waif’s
My price for fame

Look at my gut
I have enough to spare
Take it all out to
Enlarge my chest
Look at my rump
Doctor, you mustn’t stare
You say I’m fine
But I’m ashamed

[Raunchy musical interlude]

Flab flab flab flab flab flab flab flab flab…

Look at my bum
Surely you are aware
I’m overweight
By twenty grams
Look at this hind
I’d be a millionaire
If I had a pound
For each pound I gained

Look at my bum
It is so full of air
That any day
I’ll float away
Look at my bum
I need some mental care
They say I’m fine
But I’m still ashamed

Must make it melt away
Exercise twice a daaaaaaaay

Look at my bum
Why am I not aware
There’s nothing there
To take away?
Look at my bum
Tell me why I despair
How did this start?
Who is, who is, who is to bla-a-a-ame?