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Semi 1

Song 8

Based on: Aufrecht Geh'n (Ger 84)

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I Want Beans


Standing in the aisle in the supermarket
Can’t think what to buy, perhaps I’ll stay all day
Perhaps I’ll take some carrots, perhaps some Cocoa Dreams
But definitely I will need some beans

I want beans, I want beans
Must be totally sure that the tin’s as it seems
With GM in the news and imitations on the street
Must make sure they’re OK to eat

Waiting at the till, I cannot find my money
Must have left it in my bedroom back at home
And so I must abandon my trolley in the queue
With irate shoppers storming into view

I’ve got beans, I’ve got beans
But can’t pay for them, no, ‘cos my cash at home steams
With mounting desperation, I replace them on the shelf
I can reach…’least I’m not an elf

You might think I am over-fussy
You might think I’m a silly moo
But when I can’t complete my shopping
I feel I’m like a loopy kangaroo

I need beans, I need beans
I’ve convinced myself that it’s not all as it seems…
when Heinz cannot be found yet all the unknown brands are there
Never mind, we don’t really care