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Semi 1

Song 12

Based on: Bloody Mary (Spa 06)

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Umladi Meni Porvavol


Umladi meni porvavol...

The first few times we sang this song,
We thought the chorus
Was in some South Slavic language

Probably as the title on
Th'official CDs
was English, so we did not twig

And by the way, the remix of
This track is quite fab.
Just play track four on our single

Not that that's got 'ny thing to do
With message in song
Or with the rest of these lyrics

But anyway, it's still nice to believe
That this li'l song's li'l title's
In Serbo-Croat or something quite similar, yeah

Umladi meni porvavol

Already we all know about
The Belgians '03
Their song was in made-up language

When will it be time for someone
To submit a song
In Esperanto or Ido?

The title of this song's also made-up
So just enjoy it and keep
Singing along, 'ging along, 'ging along, keep it on

Umladi meni porvavol

Isn't this such a divine "track de relax"
You have to keep on with playing

It's so addictive and helps you to lay back
Perhaps it helps you while you pray

The wind is blowing, the sun is rotating and glowing
The grans and the pensioner clubbers are sewing

The moon is creating a lyrical flowing and moving around like a cream of

The title of this song, yes, it's made up
So just enjoy it and keep
Singing along, 'ging along, 'ging along, 'ging along

Umladi meni porvavol

Let's sing a song in a nice language today
Let's use a language construction

Let's use a melody as a proper means
To retransmit our little song

And hopefully in the future there will be
More conlang song-contest entries

But for the moment enjoy us Ketchup girls
In our designer leather seats

Umladi meni porvavol