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Semi 1

Song 26

Based on: My Number One (Gre 05)

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Elena Anthem


?You’re a Turkey
Always flirty
You’re my favourite sextoy though I have some others

You’re ambitious
That’s suspicious
If I find out you’re no Grek then you’re not precious

Eat that feta
From Grek comes beta
Grek in heart forever and you’ll go to heaven

Worship Sakis
Not Anjeza
Those Albanians are polluting the Grek country

I am a Grek
So you must be Grek
The biggest patriots Earth ever had
We are so Grek
Thank god we are Grek
Everything is ours, like Makedonija!

Get some ouzo
Or be loser
Kibris island Grek, no, no there are no others!

I’m a liar
Like McGuire
When I said I’m Grek, not true, I’m Sweden’s fire

It’s no fiction
Nor affliction
Now go find a word for me that rhymes with ixion!

I’m not sorry
Please don’t worry
Just give me a sign, I’ll bring my raining stage on

Please don’t worry
Or be sorry
I'm not scared of drops, it rains a lot in Sweden!

I am a Swede
Oh isn’t that sweet
The only Swede Greks will ever love
I am a Swede
Oh isn’t that sweet
Sweden is my thing, yes it’s the place I love.

I’m a bimbo
Dance the limbo
Turkey is my passion, somewhere there in Cyprus.

I wrote this all
I think I will fall
This is a pleasure you’ll never have
I wrote this all
And now I will fall
Everything perfect, these lyrics are so good

You’re a Turkey
Always flirty
Turkey is my passion, somewhere there in Cyprus!