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Semi 2

Song 2

Based on: The Voice (Ire 96)

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The Choice


Aaah…my voice just freaks you out
And I…make you want to scream loud

Listen up juries, I sing to you
I am the girl with the Celtic coo
Don’t have a breakdown, I’m here to woo
Score lots of points off the panel…

I am the bitch in the dress of high quality
I am the girl controversially pure
I am the one who’ll sing like a sick nightingale
I am the choice of the mad judge

I am the woman with innocent countenance
The fact that I’m charming admittedly helps
I’ll be the winner today, undeservedly
Irishness counts maybe thrice in a while

I am dramatic, I’m young, I’m a student-type
Exams I postponed just to be here tonight
My lecturers were not amused, but
What could I do?
What could I do? Now I’m here, things must be

This is the platform for me to display my wares
This is the rostrum on which I must sing
I’m understandably getting all nervy as
This is the time

This is the time of my climax, my song-forté
This is the day of my heavenly win
This is the big night for Ireland
For I am the choice
I am the choice
Juries are pleased
I am the choice