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Semi 3

Song 2

Based on: Telegram (Ger 77)

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Raspberries and pineapples, sauce
Strawberries and cucumbers, horse
Gooseberries with avocado pears
Cheese and lettuce, onions, grapes and bears

And banana toffee bars, coffee and fresh fruit salad
Pasta, orange purée, soup and tarts, cereal, cake and moulée
Milk and roasted salmon
Bread rolls with butter and jam
Smoked pork and garden peas and ham
Celery, parsnips, wine and boiled sweets

Ketchup, pastries, mustard dip – hot!
Chocolate bars and beefy brew…pot!
Bottled water, crisps and crème brûleé
Spicy curry, burgers, cherryade

Grapes, tomatoes, margarine, prawns in juice, tinned bean chilli
Marinated cod and pineapples, sausages and potatoes
Carbonated soft drinks
Cold soda spritzers and tea
And parsley, basil, broccoli
Meat-free pies, yoghurt, pizza and honey

Warm frankfurter buns and Capri-Sun
And tuna bake, chewy breaktime gums

Toast and mustard, aubergines, muesli and ravioli
Gnocchi, quinces, thyme and paprika, slices of red salami
Veggie paste, sultanas
Cashew nuts, chicken supreme…and beetroots, sugar, dairy cream
Cordial, chips and cabbage, food from Nîmes