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Semi 3

Song 8

Based on: Let Me Try (Rom 05)

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Let Me Dry


So now you've done the washing up
I wanna do the drying now
I wanna finish off the cups
And then admire the floral towel

But when I beg you to allow
Me to dry up without a row
I can't get you to agree
Can this be?

Let me dry
Let me dry
My earrings they do fly
From left to right, in front and back
Just let me dry

Turning round I realise
That you haven't cleaned my plates
I can see you're left some pies
Sitting on our kitchen slates

But when I tell you to react
All that you do is play and act
I can't get you to conform
To the norm

Let me fry
Let me fry
An eggy dessert is nigh
Then once you’ve washed off all the nosh
Just let me dry

<instrumental break>

Be a guy
Let me dry
‘Cos it leaves me feeling high
I just love the texture of the mugs
But can’t say why

Let me dry
Let me dry
Relent, or I’ll say goodbye!

I adore the plates
Let’s stay best mates
Just let me dry

Let me dry…
Please allow it, otherwise I’ll scream!
Just let me dry