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Semi 3

Song 15

Based on: Let's Get Loud (Est 05)

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Let's Get Fat


We are sweet like waffles, like choco flakes
We are in the mood, no-one can stop us tonight
So give us candies, give us pancakes
No time for thoughts, alright

When the cake is creamy, each piece is like a dream
We are spinning around the cakes, that’s right
C’mon let’s eat them all
Wake up the neighbours
Open the fridge, scream and shout
We are hungry all the time
Eating puddings is not a crime
Now we can eat all that
So let’s get fat

C’mon girls, forget our weight
Don’t let these muffins go away
Eat anything you can
So let’s get fat
C’mon girls, pies are not that fatty
Eat all night, turn on the party
We just wanna enjoy that
So let’s get fat

Forget our diet
Don’t be so quiet
Vanilla is what I need right now
So let’s eat like a cow
Till we are rounder girls
Wake up you girls! Shine like pearls

We are hungry all the time…