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Semi 3

Song 18

Based on: Främling (Swe 83)

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What good am I to you
not able to spread my love?
What do you mean?
That's kind of mean
You need me
If strangled
I wouldn't get a chance
to tell you, how much your country
is in my heart and
right from the start and
what a gift
I don't believe in that you hating me
I don't believe in that you say at all
Listen to Harri, who knows the one right way to think
Even if you say that you hating me
my every other word is still Jesus
and overhappy, is actually quite frequent too
I’m bursting into fantastic song
And I have confidence that one day you’ll be cured
that's what I truly am
cause I, really don't want to
prevent the other
artists from coming
into you

I don't believe in that you hating me...