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2) Arrrr.... Pirates!

Based on: Romania 07 Liubi, liubi I Love You


Everywhere around the world, every pirate speaks the same.
Every ship in every port, all ye lubbers hide in shame.
So listen up, ye scurvy dog, this is how it be:
Learn these words and you'll be fine upon the Seven Seas

[Salty Dog]
Arr me hearties, Peg Leg Charley, drinks his whiskey made of barley
Then there is the cabin boy, makes the wenches scream "Ahoy!" (Below deck!)
Upon o'ertaking Virgin Mary (t'was moored on the Canaries)
We set fire to the vessel--the seas now run with red! (Jolly Roger!)

[Loot'n Pete]
We buried the treasure, ten paces from the sea shore
Rig the mast an' plot a course, sail away an' get some more! (Aye aye sir!)
Why not spend it? I can't say, 'tis the pirate way
Methinks a lass would rather lay someone who can pay (Get the booty!)

[Rummy Jim]
Pint of rum, pint of gin, me first mate it is the booze.
Nothing but the finest grog drops me anchors like a charm
Fifteen men on a dead man's chest, because they want his bottle
If't weren't for cocktail limes, I would have scurvy now

Cap'n Bell! Please pardon me, I am but a wretched soul.
Mercy sir, pity me, please don't make me walk the plank.
Davy Jones, don't want me down beneath the sea (Oy!)
I didn't really steal your parrot, back in Barbary.

[Cap'n Bell]
Scurvy dog, feel my hook, payback for the bird you took
Stab ye with me bayonett, use your head to swab the deck
Ye may feel my cutlass now up against yer thigh
When they say 'y'got no balls' it will not be a lie!

Every pirate around the world, drinks his whiskey made of barley
Rigs the mast, an' plots a course, loots and plunders day and night
Davy Jones wants our bones deep beneath the sea
We say "Ay!" and we say "Arr!" and then we pass out drunk.

Every parrot 'round the world, drinks the whiskey bright and early,
Rigs me master, baits me hooks, drops the anchor on me foot
Davy Jones making bubbles deep beneath the sea
Yo ho ho, thar she blows, avast, ahoy, and yarr!

Aye-aye! Me beauties! Arr!!
Shiver me timbers!
Ahoy! Aye-aye!


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