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Semi 1

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8) Invincible

Based on: Slovenia 07 Cvet z juga


Send me
Send the song, Carola
Never doubt in my crown
Yay, schlager!

Down am I
Without your words, yeah
Gonna make this whole
I need the end

Invincible – One love supreme
Unbreakable – One land of dreams
Two hearts unite as one – Insatiable, really
This love is unbelievable – Invincible


Borrow theme
I need the same team
Same rime and the wind
Schlager can win!

Invincible – (Invincible,  invincible) – One theme supreme (Invincible,  invincible)
Unbreakable – One land of fakes
Two songs unite as one – Insatiable, really
This rime is unbelievable – Invincible

Invincible – one smile supreme
Unbreakable – One can of fakes
Three minutes as one – Insatiable, really
This steal is unbelievable – Invincible

I got you jerks!!!!


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