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11) What A Bunch of Losers

Based on: Sweden 99 Take Me To Your Heaven


Lights were all projected towards me

After winning the edition of this contest

Magical emotions take control

Knowin’ I’m the newborn queen of Eurovision


Then I was the shining star, outclassing them all by far


What a bunch of losers, were Marlain and Nayah

What a bunch of losers, no wonder failing on the night

Besides shrilly Aiste, and the Danish lullaby

And also the shining trio from Malta


I saw angry Doris , disappear

After all her on stage antics didn’t work for her

So did Lydia with her deckchair dress

And Marlayne, Vanessa, Rui and the Eden boys


Then Selma was all aghast, having been so close but lost


What a bunch of losers, were the Precious girly group

What a bunch of losers were Tugba, Evelin and Darja

The Irish sister duo and the Polish sleeping pill

And the Turkish Sürpriz group from Germany


As show was ending, there was nothing more to see

So who will dare to steal the show away from me?

Who will dare to do it


No it wasn’t Bobby, neither Dino or sad Stig

None of the competitors, nor the hosts from Israel

But the ‘one and only’, with many feathers in her hand

Dana stole from me the limelight with a bang


Ha ha.. Tried to steal the show from me, but kissed the ground!




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