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3) Game of Endurance

Based on: Romania 07 Liubi, liubi I Love You


Here's a nice lil' folksy tune, let's repeat it in a loop
Let's find who has what it takes to go on although it aches
The last man standing is who wins, won't you take a chance?
It's the one and only novel game of endurance

Such a pleasant funny ditty turns into a not so pretty
When singing it once or twice is not yet near to suffice (Go on)
Anyway I'll stay in play until I win and that's my stance
I won't stand for second place in a game of endurance (We will see that)

So crazy, I'll go mad, now I know I have been had
Sing an hour or two or three, and this song's a pain in the ass (Horrible)
Yet I won't call it quits, I'll sing in a trance
Saneness can be sacrificed in game of endurance (Anything can!)

Drugs or booze? What to choose? What could help me not to lose?
Sing a day or sing a week, like a low blow, so to speak
All the same, I won't give up, decided so in advance
Rather lose my balls than lose this game of endurance

Blasphemy! Or even worse, this song is a Devil's curse
Sing a fortnight, sing a month, and you'd rather be a monk
Celibate's easy with no time for romance (That's true)
During our merciless game of endurance

President, parliament, UN Human Rights Council
Get this outlawed, get this banned, where can I file my appeal?
The jingle should be classified a dangerous substance
As should all the mortifying games of endurance (Yo...)

Here's a slightly mad sextet who will have a lot to regret
If you never turn down a bet this is what you too will get
Might have seemed cool at first just to take a chance
To prove your machoness in game of endurance (Oh...)

Everyone's in contention despite the increasing tempo
But it's no tongue-twister contest, accelerando must go
Let's go back to the start and we'll have a chance
To find out who's the king, the king of endurance

Oh no! This sucks!
Challenge your friends!
Ruin their lives (and your own one)
Sing eternally, just like we do! Hey!

[Da Capo ad nauseam]


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