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6) They Can't Stop Incest

Based on: Ireland 07 They Can't Stop The Spring


My nightie has been raised
I am no longer chaste
And from kitchenette to lavatory
I’m running from the chase

My children are all raised
My nephew is my son
And at Christmas time fun all the way
Buy presents 2 for 1

There’s no need to party
Just a willing kin
A relationship mire?
Loving ain’t a sin!

You might hate our love thing
But hey brother-love is best
He comes home form working
And he’s soon down to his vest
We may trash the bedsprings
Two siblings our bodies meshed
No, we can’t stop incest

We may scare the neighbours
They cry ‘give us a rest’
They don’t think it’s funny
Now we think that we are blessed
They may send the ASBOs
The social worker tries her best
But she can’t stop incest

My mum’s face is hidden
The shame has made her stressed
My dad gave up working
His mates never were impressed
They may judge the motive
And dissing our loving nest
But they can’t stop incest

No, they can’t stop incest


*ASBOs = Anti Social Behaviour Orders- pronounced ‘As Bo’s’


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