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Semi 2

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13) Long-Life

Based on: Belgium 04 1 Life


Cream me up, shake me now
You can churn my whirls around
Flies can’t hear what feebles say
Butter matters every day

Beer’s not the same but so much for pints
Brew up my udder, my cistern tonight

We got long-life, we need some milk that
Is long-life, let it be creamed
Long-life, you shake my bubbles astray
Churn up my day, yeah

Juice came here, it’s so right
Shake those curries from your mind
In your pints, and if you’re skimmed
The cheese will stain your limbs

Fear not the grain but throw up the white
Glue up my gutter, my vista tonight

We got long-life, milk it together
With long-life, let it be skimmed
Long-life, you flake my doubles away
Tied up my tray, yeah

Long-life, yoghurt and dairy
In long-life, let it be Greek
Long-life, milking my bubbles today
Lactic’s my game


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