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18) Mornington Crescent

Based on: Ireland 90 Somewhere In Europe


It's been a long time since we were at Borough
Got forked at Green Park, took a long time to recover
Dollis Hill was stupid, and we've had to loop since then
But if we could only get to Turnpike Lane

Truncate to Southgate on the Piccadilly line
Then a cross-hop to Tooting Bec straddling Putney Bridge seems fine
Avoiding Brondesbury keeps Kentish Town in play
Leaving Mornington Crescent only eight moves away

Seemed so easy in mid-game, as we passed through Heron Quays
Took the obvious lateral and wound up in Bermondsey
But Clapham Common put the whole damn board in nip
And with Northolt cranked we're stranded in mid-trip

Honking the DLR all the way to Lewisham
Would open the District Line, giving access to Zone One
That might be the answer, because Dagenham Heathway
Then leaves Mornington Crescent nearly open...

Now, must be careful, because Colindale provides
An easy Petrovsky from Brent Cross to Kensal Rise
But an angled Covent Garden largely cuts off Leicester Square
And leaves us back in Dollis Hill... might be best not to go there!

Now, Oxford Circus, then Neasden just passing through
Leads us up to Tufnell Park, and then down to Waterloo
And then Wembley Central, cutting loose through Hanger Lane
Means that Mornington Crescent needs Dollis Hill again....

I think the endgame might make use of Pimlico
And then pick off the treble line of North, South and West Harrow
Bond Street, and then Queensway, if I've calculated right
Leaves me first one to reach Mornington Crescent, tonight
Mornington Crescent, tonight
Mornington Crescent!

* For a brief primer on the basics of the game this is based on, there are
myriad sites devoted to it and easily Googlable - however, treat the
Wikipedia article with some caution as it does contain some potentially
misleading information.


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