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Semi 3

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9) At The Zoo

Based on: Poland 99 Przytul Mnie Mocno


Ooh… ooh yeah yeah…

Neighing dog
The beast context
The gnashing wolf

Hen’s eggs come out
The crocodile won’t
The snarling bull

Ovine shed
The prostrate goose
shares Gusty’s den

Ovine shed
The shopworn jeep
in the parrot chain

See two bears
Hold a moose
Or fat beakies

See two nests
My major fool
Your sandwiches

The new bits are
Now share warmth

The book you saw
Yes, there’s a horse
Yeah, yes, they’re sandy
in, yes, the sun

If you saw - yes, yes you saw
Yeah, yes, the sun
Oh yeah…fiesta sun


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