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12) Booze Song

Based on: Luxembourg 67 L'amoour est bleu


Booze, booze, a lot of booze
You drank last eve, last eve at the bar
Booze, booze, a lot of booze
You drank last eve and you wrecked the car

Red, red, a glass of red
Red gin at first and then all the rest
Best, best, you did your best
And just yourself, you drank ten of them

Some Merlot, some Merlot and few
Shots liquor, straight up or with juice

Beer, beer, a glass of beer
Bitter and strong, on draught or from cans
Beer, beer, a case of beer
Lager cocktail with fruit and with nuts

Some rum, some rum to sip
Mojito rum, bacardi and coke
Then drank your whiskey neat
But you could cope, you are an old soak

More Merlot, more Merlot and few
Shots vodka, straight up or with juice

Blur, blur, the world is blur
Your eyes blur and just cannot see
Sweat, sweat, your body sweats
Such heavy sweat and you wanna pee

Fool, fool, you were a fool
Fool that you thought, you wouldn’t get drunk

Head, head, you have a head
A head that hurts as if you were slapped
And to get well, you need a good nap


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