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Semi 3

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19) Nameless Song

Based on: Bosnia-Herzegovina 07 Rijeka bez imena


Take all, from him and my, cow-aaaah
Heck, and tell me: You are cold
That, and Angie, your show
Pih, betrayed mine
Sayona-a-ra, let them know that you've been told

I'm so high and I'm so low
Yes, Ethan, will you go
Cow must eat the grass and I'll be home

Cole, wash the belly till one,
Athens the show is gone,
Fuck off, hush cow: Byeeee!

Yugo, Saint Piero, loyal don't be gone
Calculate the braaa's team
Svante bugger him, Sean oh I hope you'll shoot
Bake with Susan, eat and you'll be slim

Hugo let them go, less or more - first row
Rabin just felt Don Juan, oh where?
Verka has one role, pre-tending for the show
Ka-boom-boom, you are laaaate, ooohooo

(instrumental break)

Diego will you go (Diego), loyal to the bone, (loyal to)
Calculate the braaa's team
Svante bugger him, oh Sean, please just shoot
Eat the baking that will make you slim (make you slim)

Diego will you go (ooohooo),
Rabin found the charming Don Juan!
Verka has one hole, but he acts for the show
Tatoo fo-reveeeeeer moooooreeee!
(Diego, let them know)
(Diego, end the show)


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