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Semi 4

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5) Need A Job

Based on: Belgium 06 Je T'Adore



After failing at ESC
Who knew what would happen to me?
I decided to make a turnaround
Get a job where singing is not found
Hope to do better, but I think I’ll be bound…

Have a rest, let me hypnotize you
Fall asleep, and just let me guide you
Seven, six, four, three, two, one
Snap my fingers and you’re gone

I’ll be damned, why are you not asleep?
Come on please, go on and count more sheep
Isn’t it so embarrassing?
Fired on the first evening
‘Nother job…

Sex on the beach, tequila shot
Vodka-red bull, oh the whole lot
Sherry, got all brands of beers, no joke
Do you want Bacardi with some coke?
Smirnoff, cocktails, whiskey, I will get you soaked

Need a drink? Let me make it for you
Have a drink, let me overcharge you
Bit by bit I’ll get you drunk
I’ll fill you with liquid junk
Ooh yeah…

What is this? Hey this is not funny!
Don’t pass out, I still need your money
Now you are spread across the floor
Took your wallet, won’t be poor
Ooooh… Fired again…

Made someone fall asleep
One mistake - it was the wrong job
Such bad luck

Need a job – could I work for you then?
Vacancy? Come on let me fill it
I have got all the qualities
And like, no uncertainties
(No, like, not any uncertainties)

Job switching, boy this is so tiring
Tanning spa, maybe they are hiring
Why do you think they locked the door?
Staff is hiding on the floor

Need a job!

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