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Semi 4

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12) Serifovic

Based on: Germany 01 Wer Liebe lebt


Once upon a time
There lived a little girl
Dodgy specs - blokeish hair
Harbouring a dream
Of Europe on its knees
Softly whispering her prayer

Every fanboy knows
A Balkan ballad hasn't a chance
But to our surprise
Europe bought her charms
Till she took the microphone
"Food here's shit. I want to go home!"

Oh, what have you done?
Girl, you'd better run away
The lynch mob's on its way

Transparent skin, you see
Is something that our hero can't stand
And all those pretty blondes
Just make her want to ram
Her three fingers down her throat
Now remind me - why did we vote?

Say, what have you done?
You're gonna wish
That you'd never won the day
The lynch mob's on its way

You'll see
The lynch mob's on its way
('cept euroUSA)

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