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Estonian Cowgirl Reprise

Richard_CT Speaks (with footnotes)

Based on Netherlands 79 - Colorado (mp3)

Ho ho, how did I know, I’d come in last? Now maybe I’ll go
Away to Colorado, where I can hibernate in the snow
Or cultivate the avocado. (1)

Horror films aren’t really for me,
But I just gave in to temptation:
Hope this won’t give rise to a new trend!

Once again, I’ve loved ALC:
Though I may have lacked inspiration,
Something better next year I’ll send (I promise!) (2)

Oh, oh, Colorado rhymes just so well with El Dorado, (3)
And I say -- no bravado -- (4)
Thanks to you all for such a great show…
Oh dear, on rhymes I’m now running low! (5)

“Joyously bizarre,” said Nick D. (6)
‘Bout “The Shining,” that made me happy
So tonight I’m sure that I’ll sleep well

If the awful humidity
Doesn’t cause my head to feel crappy,
And my knees and ankles to swell.  (7)

Oh oh Colorado, time’s almost up and soon I should go
To dreamland, where I just know
I’ll be congratulating Harrow
On yet another excellent show…

Oh oh Colorado, won’t write another so cagado, (8)
But oh now, I’m getting slow
Just one more thing and off I will go:
A big hand, please, for Mr. Harrow!

Let’s hear it, please, for Mr. Harrow! (9)


FOOTNOTES: (my thanks to a few people who found last-minutes rhymes for Colorado, and whose entries deserved to do better this year… and a few nods to those whose quirks make the Alternative Lyrics Contest so much fun!)

(1)  Thanks, Rich!

(2) Yes, Yoda*, Yami, Yair, it’s an unsung lyric in parentheses… :-0

(3) Thanks, Carly!

(4) Thanks, Esker!

(5) That’s for you, Jeremy!

(6)  Thanks, Nick!

(7) Middle age -- and heredity – stink!

(8) Thanks, Mike (the BF). (Cagado = “crappy” in Spanish.)

(9) And a well deserved one, too, Dan!

* Check out the syntax in that sentence…

And Thomas, in case you thought I missed you out, I dedicate these footnotes to you! ;-)


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