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No Footnotes

Based on Slovenia 1997 - Zbudi se

Some folk don’t like footnotes, others disagree.
Some folk get upset at choreography.
Don’t put unsung lyrics in parentheses.
Think of this when writing for the ALC.

Farting, food and failure: themes that have been tried.
Pirates and Chiara, voters may deride.
Jokes on Russian divas you should leave aside.
Something fresh is what you really must provide.

No footnotes: golden rule,
Don’t take Thomas for a fool.
Words in brackets? Dear oh dear,
You’ll get no points from Yair.

Don’t explain everything
Or your song Nick D won’t sing.
Dance instructions, you must see
Will annoy Richard_CT.

And there’s still one more catch:
You will need a perfect match.
Make it rhyme down to a T
Or get “nul” from Jeremy.

One more rule:


No complaining if you fail to qualify.

Laugh it off and next year, have another try.


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