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Claes-Göran Makes A Sartorial Blunder

Based on Sweden 1968 - Det börjar verka kärlek, banne mig

I parked my Volvo right outside the Albert Hall
Full of hope and expectation
But when I took a look around the dressing room
My heart sank in consternation

Why's everything in colour? Bugger me!
Back home we've only black-and-white TV
So I brought sober clothes
And lines of pithy prose
All colour-free
Oh, woe is me

The Swiss guy's looking dapper as he cantillates
In an orange dinner jacket
And Massiel's decked out in floral wallpaper
'Cause her stylist couldn't hack it

How could I fall for such a grand faux-pas?
Least Katie Boyle's got panties and a bra!
Expecting monochrome
I left my shades at home
This jamboree
Is blinding me

The Yugoslavs have turned up in their native dress
Fresh from busking in Dubrovnik
There's beehive hair that breaks the laws of gravity
Paired with quiffs that challenge logic

Meanwhile, my Swedish skin, so wan and pale
Looks more like something from the local jail
My button-up raincoat
Will strike a hapless note
And as for hair
Best not go there

Too late to get myself to Savile Row
There's only half an hour till the show
I'll have to don this gear
Forbidding and austere
Then grab an ale
Undress, exhale
And watch Cliff fail!


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