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No, No, Never

Based on Germany 06 - No Never

My boss is stranger than you might ever think
And he won’t ever try to change
My boss is dumber than a fish in the sea
And my patience is fading away

His work is smaller than a flea on a dog
And it’s happening right in our eyes
He thinks his swotting’s an example for us
And believe me, I am more than fed up

Keep readin’, yes, keep going on
For this story’s all true
Where things go bad, where days go by

He’ll never ever gonna let you to work on your own
Never ever gonna manage to pick up the phone
He’ll never ever gonna check whether I’m late or not
No, no never
No, no never

He doesn’t even know how a computer can work
Never ever gonna know how an e-mail is done
He’ll never ever learn about yahoo or hotmail
No, no never
No, no never

His skull will glisten like a twinklin’ star
Shiny, no matter where we are
And his mind keeps turnin’ like a merry-go round
You can see that when he opens his mouth

Keep workin’ yes, that’s what he says
While he chats on the phone
With his mad wife, from nine to twelve

He’ll never ever gonna admit he is useless as junk
Never ever gonna think he just acts like a clown
He’ll never ever gonna accept that he stinks like a skunk
No, no never
No, no never

You’ll never ever gonna think of working with him
Never ever gonna think to abide to his rules
You’ll never ever wonna work with a boss like this one
No, no never
No, no never

Oh… Never ever gonna know how demanding he is
Never ever gonna work with this man from the moon
You’ll never ever gonna ‘mmagine how old is this man
No, no, never
No, no, never

Can assure you

He’s seventy-two!


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