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I Love Spanking Men

Based on Latvia 2007 - Questa Notte

When it's time for sex there is a special thing I enjoy
more then anything that I know
and my men they like it when I treat'em like a bad boy
every night I give it a go

Time for bed and then I simply turn into a Daddy
I just tell'em there to strip
grab'em by the hip
over my knee

I just love spanking men, everyone
to watch how two buns turn red is my fun
using a brush, a paddle or hand
spanking men is what I love to do

Now don't get me wrong I'm not a pedophile or pervert
I am gay but not so much more
Only full grown men ages twenty-plus will get hurt
get their behinds a little sore

And my biggest dream consists of using my so firm hand
on George Clooney and Brad Pitt
Robbie Williams
Ricky Martin

I would love spanking them, everyone
to see their cute buns turn red oh what fun
using a brush and paddle and hand
and after that I would shag them for fun
right up their bum

How I love spanking men! Everyone!
Thank God that there are enough for my fun
that get aroused when I say the words:
"This will hurt you a lot more then me,
drop your trousers get over my knee!"


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