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Has Been

Based on Sweden 2008 - Hero

Eurovision was my beginning
Now I fear it will be my end
But I didn't choose it, you better believe it
It's my last chance to restart

I tried to deny that I am fading
I even bought a great new face
Smiling or crying I look younger and younger
If I win I may revamp

Oh... I am back to ESC, like a newbie, like a has been
I have to pretend
Oh... that I'm comparable with Dima and Lorak
Which I am not!

This is a story of fall and collapase
Only has beens can tell
Oh... take me to your heaven, like you did, like before
I will reborn

Carola may failed her return
But she has a career of her own
Oh... but I can't fake it, I am not star, damn it
Only ESC can bring me back

Oh... I am back to ESC, like a star, like Johny Logan
I will survive
Oh... taking this fight is the sign of despair
For staying alive

This was a story of fall and collapse
Only has beens can tell
Oh... saved by the juries, like MF, like a has been
In final I will not survive (Will not survive)
Oh... not survive (Will not survive)

Has beens can't live on their own
They need to enter shit songs

Oh... I turn my head, like a star, like a hero
This will not help
Oh... seeing the votes go to Dima or Lorak
Pretending I am fine
(This is a story of fall and collapse)
Has beens can tell
Oh, out of TOP10, like The Ark, like Las Vegas
I will not survive


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