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In-Car Navigation

Based on Greece 2008 - Secret Combination

Can I find it?
Can I find it: I have to remember where.
What goes wrong when I am driving?
Oh where to go when I'm shopping?

Can you trust it?
Can you trust it that it’s not a little con?
It’s misunderstanding my way
And all the sites that I like to stay.

My In-Car Navigation – here’s a history no less.
For all your expeditions, it’s so easy, G.P.S.
My In-Car Navigation – why, it’s got to know it all
With all its computations, I was heading for a fall.

My In-Car Navigation – it's no win for me, oh yes
Lost my determination…it’s not easy: G.P.S.
My In-Car Navigation – no, I think it’s broken down
Lost all discrimination in the centre of my town!

To buy a map?
To buy a map? Well, I'm sorry, I can not.
Sometimes it’s acting like a lady,
Sometimes normal, sometimes crazy!

My In-Car Navigation – it's a recipe for hell
Read all those weird instructions, it’s not easy, I can tell
My In-Car Navigation – oh, it makes me rather sad
To get a sure direction gets me altogether mad!

My In-Car Navigation – it's no mystery I guess
Needs loads of restoration…let’s go fix the G.P.S.
My In-Car Nav Technician – yes, he worked out all its flaws
He gave an explanation to a full round of applause

My In-Car Navigation – it's supposed to be the best
Used my imagination, I'll go easy: one last test.
My In-Car Navigation – and, I hope you think it fair:
To find a destination…in the centre of Red Square!
To find a destination…in the centre of Red Square!


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