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Chip Shop Light

Based on Hungary 2008 - Candlelight

Nights pass by
My job is shite
Every shift, the same
And my uniform is white

I could have been
On the stage or screen
I dropped out, of stage school
And now I feel a fool

Come see me in this dreadful place
If you want a greasy snack
I could have been on stage or screen
But talent’s what I lack, so

I will fry tonight
Cod, Haddock or nice rock eel
Cook your fish just right
Come see me in the chip shop light
I will cook your chips just fine
Wrapped with salt inside
Or without for healthy fries

So step inside and place your order with Divine
She’s my boss and she tells me what to fry
A deep-fried fish, if that’s your wish
Or maybe a burger or two?
No matter what you want
I’m cooking for you

Cos I will fry tonight
I’m doing it to earn the cash
Stage class on Monday night
That is why I’m here under
Chip Shop Light
Is this sausage yours or mine?
So please come inside
If you want some tasty fries

In a medium or large size, my fries
Made beneath the chip shop light, hmm mmm...


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