(2) Dealing With a Stalker

Based on: Finland 1994 - Bye Bye Baby



She is there every morning when I awake
I don't know how she got in
I always lock the door, the window's shut
But she still invades again

I don't know why she would try this hard
To watch me slumber alone
And when I tell her "go", she just laughs and she says "no"
So I'll do what needs to be done

Leave, leave, baby, find someone else
The sight of you makes me wish for hell
Leave, leave, baby, stalk someone else
Just go now, say farewell

But still you will not leave, it's just too much fun
To drive a poor guy insane
And it takes much more to convince a fiend like you
To stop playing your games

Since you insist on watching me
I have no alternative
So if you say today you refuse to go away
I'll make sure that you cease to live

Die, die, baby, baby, just die
If you won't leave me your life must say goodbye
Die, die, baby, baby, just die
I'll get you out of my life

I go to choose a weapon
You've decided to run
But now that you are gone
I'm so very alone

Now what, baby, what should I do?
Even though it's weird I wish I still had you
You're gone, baby, you're stalking's through
The tables turn, I'll stalk you

Watch out, baby, I'm watching you
Without you I've nothing to do
Watch out, baby, you'll be stalked too
I'm already in your room






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