(4) Beat Me With A Vine (Bom!)

Based on: Ukraine 2009 - Be My Valentine (Anti-Crisis Girl)



Yeah! a-ha!

I am Susan bom!

I am Susan Boyle
I’ve never kissed a boy
I’m extra virgin like oil
I’ve never seen sex toys

Diversity were shit
Everyone will admit
I should have won that contest
I would have made a hit

I’m singing Andrew Lloyd
It’s Jade that I avoid
You all will be annoyed
Because I’m Susan Boyle!

Simon, Simon you’re so fine
Beat me, beat me with a vine

Amanda she’s a bitch
And she looks like a witch
She also thinks that I’m kitsch
But I will make her switch

Oh Piers wears always bling
We only had a fling
I thought he would have helped me
And he would be my pimp

The charm that I possessed
Made media protest
That I’m just an old witch
And I should go to rest

I’d perform to the crown
And I would wear a gown
The only thing that stopped me
A nervous breakdown!

Simon, Simon you’re so fine
Beat me, beat me with a vine
Yeah…. Ahaha….

I am Susan Boyle!

I am Susan Boyle
Yes, it’s Susan Boyle

Anti-botox Boyle!

Simon I can save the world
I’m your anti-botox girl






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