(11) I Will Sure Survive

Based on: Czech Rep 2009 - Aven Romale



I was already feeling, on the way
To heaven or down under, by the way
When I've got rushed to ITU so fast
Urgent attention was a must

"Quick, quick doctor Ills"
"Exercise your nursing skills"
"Give me back my energy"
"Make them work in cenergy"

Hate me or love me, baby
I will survive this surely
With your intervention I'll be back to face it

(I'd love to survive)
He first tried his luck at practice, administrating: trying CPR
(I hope to survive)
Tried to give me bags of blood transfusions: asked for my blood group
(I wish I survive)
I would really love to understand why, he was offered this important post
(I longed to survive)
I was really on the verge of screaming
Praying for a miracle, can somebody help me, that's right

Then tried his luck at giving kiss of life
To my complaints he really didn't care
As I was dreading his repeated tries
To try and kiss me was his aim

(I) was screaming like hell
(He) kept trying further
(Still) No other human got to listen to my pleas
(Oh) And to my wonder
(I) was loudly shouting
Help me, help me, Come together save me

(I will sure survive)
That was only on my thoughts
Just get me off this torture and just go
I'll then just leave, and say
(I have just survived)

Soon again, was feeling
Pain around, all body parts
Soon everybody rushed near me, hoping
(I will sure survive)

(Please come, don't survive)
I was watching heavens' angels singing, preparing welcomes: for someone
(Come, come, it's your turn)
Then they noticed me and called me quickly, they wanted me with them
(Come, come don't be shy)
If you really wanna have some good fun, just come and join us: no regrets
(Come, here you'll be fine)
We can make you really feel so welcome
Now I need a miracle, kept saying in my inside, that's right

I feel something soft
Pressing gently on my lips, so pleasing
That got back my senses in no time, so quick

(I had just survived)
Two hot lips had sweetly kissed me, filling me with sky high delight
(I'm glad I survived)
She was blond, tall, nice and really sexy
That nurse did a miracle, asked for getting married, how right!






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