(16) Dear Eurovision Song Contest

Based on: Ireland 1990 - Somewhere In Europe



It’s been a long time since Ireland could win you
I’m back with Dustin, seems the contest’s gone forever
In ninety six we parted and haven’t won since then
But if we could only win you once again

Meet me in Malmö with a Linda Martin scream
We could be in Rome again, with the Toto nightmare dream
We will win again, yeah, though maybe it’s not right
If you could only get me some votes from Europe tonight

I remember “Amsterdam”, Johnny sailed to take the Prix
And all the votes began to mount, one year after Sandra’s “la vie”
In the Black Forest during one recession's swing
But, then, how could we afford to even sing?

Meet me in Brighton by a “Waterloo” sea front
We could be in Hague again, with the Brotherhood’s kiss stunt
We can win again, yeah, and maybe Ireland might
If you would only give us more points, dear Europe

Don't you remember those halcyon nineties?
You loved our ballads: we were the juries’ tease!
I can still see you in Millstreet, walking by the Point Depot
But singing crimes like “Som En Vind”, how I wish that they weren’t…so

Treat me like Belgrade to a crappy singing night
We could be in pain again, 'neath “Senhora do Mar” fright
It can’t be like Moscow, really that was shite
Yes you should’ve given loads more points to Sinéad that night

Come back to Dublin after your long wayward roam
You would be welcome again, in your old spiritual home
We will win again, yeah, and I will set my sight
If you would only give me some votes from Europe tonight

Some votes from Europe yes please

With love,
from Ireland.






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