(6) MB Meet-Ups

Based on: Ireland 1997 - Mysterious Woman



I’m standing at an airport
Ticket in my hand
I lost my camera and phone
It wasn’t what I’d planned
But one thing that I have to add
One more thing that I must say
Have never seen so many drunk,
Drunk people in my life

Messageboard meet-ups
So fun, can’t you see
Amount of herpes that’s on me?
Messageboard meet-ups
I wish I still had I.D.
And also the coat I brought with me

A room of smiling faces
The giggling was very loud
We were going places
So much gayer than allowed
Where they were playing schlager
And your teeth, they could be harmed
It’s all about the lifting now
And the “best song ever”-arm

Messageboard meet-ups
Thrilling, can’t you see?
I even lost my hotel key
Messageboard meet-ups
I wish I still had I.D.
And my luggage wasn’t in New Delhi

It’s such a wonderful time
With a gin, tonic and lime

Suddenly, people going
Hungover on the plane
All we can do is waiting
Next year in Vilnius or Spain?

It was brief, a three-day visit
Will always stay with me
Till next year we’ll treasure
The wonderful memories

Messageboard meet-ups
Best part, can’t you see?
The giggling goes on in your sleep
Messageboard meet-ups
A turtleneck is what I need
For all the hickeys they gave me






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