(1) Just Pull Up A Chair

Based on: France 2009 - Et s'il fallait de faire



Just pull up a chair, I’ll sing a song for you
Make it an easy chair, so you can sit this through
I’m very laissez faire, I think you may agree
If you kick off your shoes, I’ll kick off mine , cherie

Yes my mascara and my hair are in a mess
But on the other hand,  be fair, look at my dress
Makes me look like a star, like Garbo or Bruni
If she could see me now, she’d slobber, wouldn’t she?

How‘s the comfy chair, I think we’re not yet through
Let’s talk about Voltaire and about Sartre too
The language of Moliere, I know you will agree
just makes this nonsense sound so intellectually

 It’s quiet the circus here, they put up quite the show
But to give into that, I could not  sink so low
If I wore a tutu, brought a midget or two
Or I’d jump from a throne, you’d giggle, wouldn’t you?

Let‘s add accordion, make this a real chanson
Then I will sway and dance, the way we do in France
When I shake with my head it is passion for me
But when you shake in bed, it’s fever, can’t you see

Now get up from your chairs






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