(8) Danny Kendall

Based on: Israel 2002 - Light a Candle



He’s the empty head, the mentis one
And yet he stands up when mal-accosted by a teacher
Cigarette or distant mood, not much attention span
And despite this he emits an aura
And slowly the camera zooms in near…

Danny Kendall, Danny Kendall is fit
I thought so at just five years old, I think so now as well
Danny Kendall, come and bend and kiss me
A gifted leader stands apart, with special thoughts and style

Whether it’s P.E. or something fun
He’s an inspiration when he always carries on
Even when his state of health goes strange, it’s still OK
He is my support, my helping doer
And so I palpitate when he comes near…

Danny Kendall, Danny Kendall is fit
A loyal friend who entertains, unique, adept and hot
Danny Kendall, lie down here and kiss me
I want to feel you in the park and share with you my lunch

Hi, Danny Kendall!
Oh, Danny Kendall kiss me now
Just keep on being you and then
The beauty of the world we’ll sense

Danny Kendall, Danny Kendall’s with me
‘Cos he’s my soulmate and my friend, no end, just endless start
Danny Kendall, how I centre with him!
A handsome special lovely guy, who sparkles in our eyes





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