(15) Strangers on Flight

Based on: Estonia 2007 - Partners In Crime



Our seatbelts buckled, fine
We ordered some white wine
This flight should take us on holiday
But demons have boarded this plane

You whisper in my ear
There's strangers on our flight
Your words cold-showers are dulling my mind
We've been held hostage, we'll die

The wild look in their eyes
Freezing my fear inside
This is the night when we're all gonna die
All due to the strangers on flight

Will they pull out a stunt?
Mmm… but when or how I fear?
Is it so wrong to keep on eyeing them?
To follow their actions all time?

The word spread like wild fire
And it was as scary as death
This is the flight that may be our last
Since strangers have boarded our flight

We so want to survive
Must get help right away
We will tie them with our safety belts
Then drag them right out of this plane

But suddenly, our fate has changed
Thanks to the bold hostess on flight
She forced them down with some heavy drug
poured into their powerful drink

And then hitting the ground
At least we were safe and sound
there were the cops that handcuffed them all
We'll never be partners in crime

The cross look in their eyes
Remains so stuck in my mind
That was the night that we cannot deny
We didn't like strangers on flight

Strangers on flight

Strangers on flight






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